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LED / UV Nail Gel polishes

LED / UV Nail Gel polishes

Gel polishes - unique decorative coating for nails that combines the characteristics of a regular polish and those of a nail application gel. Due to the rich palette of shades, mirror shin and durability, these polishes have become very popular among fashion-loving women of many countries. Now, a unique manicure lasting for 3 weeks has become a reality. Luxe Gel Professional - high-quality gel polishes at an affordable price allowing you to create masterpieces of nail design. 

Advantages of nail gel polishes

High-quality gel polish retains its initial appearance for a long time, is resistant to scratches and does not fade in sunlight. It does adversely impact the structure of the nail. Some of the advantages of such coating are:

  • saturated colour;
  • large selection of shades;
  • easy to apply;
  • quick removal;
  • safe for health.

By visiting a manicure professional, you will be able to enjoy beautiful and neat-looking for a long period of time. If a nail drying lamp, base coat and finishing coat are available, you can apply gel polishes at home. The coating is easy to apply and is evenly distributed across the entire nail plate surface. This allows you to create intricate patterns and textures. 

In our catalogue you will find the most current bright shades, solutions for French manicure, matted and glossy, stained glass coatings, as well as modern range of ­cat-eye supplies. 

Where to purchase gel polish supplies

If you are in search of a nail gel polish that is of high quality, safe for nails and comes at an affordable price, in our online store you will find a large selection of shades. We offer coatings that are easy to apply to nail plates, polymerize quickly and retain their integrity and shine for a long time. Our polishes are usually removed due to regrowth of nails not because their surface was scratched or cracked. 

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