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B2B: The Offer for Distributors

The brand Luxe Gel Professional offers premium level, high quality, and safe gel products, equipment and accessories for nail care. 

Only the best for your customers

If you have a beauty care store, online shop or beauty salon, and you would like to sell Luxe Gel Professional products, we can become partners. Our goods are for nail technicians who appreciate a quality, innovations, and beauty. Elegant design, the newest technologies, a wide range of goods, a rich color palette, safe and the best quality materials which will not disappoint your customers. 

Luxe Gel Professional products are suitable for professional, experience rich nail technicians as well as for beginners.  Products do not contain toxic substances. Our products are easy and convenient in use, they are safe for nail technician's and customer's health. Luxe Gel Professional products are not tested on animals. Most of our products are suitable for vegans. 

Luxe Gel Professional products

  • 100 % safe – do not contain toxic substances (formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin, and methylbenzylidene camphor);
  • High quality and long-lasting formula (3+ weeks);
  • Non-yellowing, non-fading, and non-chipping;
  • Do not create air bubbles;
  • Easy and convenient in use;
  • Economical in use;
  • Luxurious, trendy, and highly pigmented colors (more than 200 shades);
  • The newest technologies and the latest fashion trends;
  • Cruelty-free and vegan.

Luxe Gel Professional product range

Gel polish
– various collections, more than 200 colors;

Base coats – ideal for the strengthening thin natural nails, smoothing out the nail surface, creating blooming nail design, as well as for nail extensions up to 3 mm (the bottle includes primer and rubber, available clear and various nude color shades) 

Topcoats – Extra glossy, Matte-Velvet effect, and Rubber top coat (for rhinestones and other nail design decorative elements)

Builder gels for nail extensions (available clear and various nude/pink color shades)

Polygel – the builder gel with a unique formula, which combines only the best from acrylic and hard gel. Builder gel for nail extensions, and interesting nail design creating (available clear and various nude/pink color shades)

Accessories – professional, high quality, reusable nail files, nail powders, brushes, and other tools for the nail care and nail design. 

Who are our customers

  • Professional, experience rich nail technicians;
  • Nail technicians – beginners;
  • Nail care Bloggers and Opinion Leaders;
  • Vegans and people who care about animal rights;
  • People with various allergies.

Why choose us

  • Luxe Gel Professional products have an elegant design, that will look great in any beauty salon's interior.
  • We offer only high quality, safe, and tested materials that will not disappoint you. 
  • Products are popular in many countries, such Baltic states, Finland, Norway, Italy, USA, Argentina, UK, and other.
  • We create ads on social networks, participate in exhibitions and beauty care events. We inform people about our products and places where they can be purchased, as well as promote salon's and nail technician's works that are created using Luxe Gel Professional products. 
  • We are well informed about innovations in the nail care industry and fashion&beauty trends. We will help you to select the most popular products to increase your store's sales. 
  • We will provide informative materials for your stuff. 
  • For distributors, we offer Luxe Gel Professional brand products for the special price. 

If you wish to assign the contract or get more information about our products, prices, or delivery, please, contact us to deal about presentation time and mutually beneficial cooperation.