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In this section, we have collected the most frequently asked questions about Luxe Gel Professional products. Please read them. If you did not find the answer to your question, please ask our SPECIALISTS from Luxe Gel Professional, using the contact form or by phone: +371 20 66 79 70

Frequently Asked Questions About LUXE GEL PROFESSIONAL products
Is the Luxe Gel Professional a three-phase gel polish?

Yes! Apply a base coat, two coats of colour, and a top coat.

What is the polymerisation time?

It takes 30 seconds for gel nail polish to polymerise in LED lamp or 1 minute in UV lamp.

What is the polymerisation time for the base coat and the top coat?

Polymerisation time for the base coat and the top coat is 45 to 60 seconds in LED lamp or 2 minutes in UV lamp.

What type of top coat is the most suitable for gel polishes?

We recommend to use Extra Shine Top Coat for gel polishes. This top coat has an extra glossy shine.

What type of top coat is suitable for fixing crystals, stones, sliders and other nail decorations?

We recommend to use the Rubber Top Coat. It is perfect for fixation of stones, sliders and other nail decorations. It is a gel-based rubber top. It provides a perfect fixation of any decorations on your nails.

What type of base coat is most suitable for very thin and splitting nails?

We recommend to use the Clear Rubber Base. It gives an extra strength to thin or splitting nails.

What is the purpose of French Rubber Base and what is it?

French Rubber Base is a tinted building gel in a bottle. It is a unique product for nail strengthening or increasing their length. It contains a rubber gel and primer. French Rubber Base has various hues of nude tone. It does not form air bubbles. For application instructions see Products section under Building Gels.

Should I use an extra Primer with your products?

No. Our base coat products already have a primer added. 

What is the Base coat 2in1?

Base coat 2in1 is a base coat with added primer. It is perfect for regular gel manicure and pedicure.

Are Luxe Gel Professional products compatible with products of other manufacturers?

Yes. Our products are compatible with other manufacturers' products, but there are always some nuances. The manufacturer can't guarantee, and does not bear the responsibility for incompatibility with products of other brands. It is a chemical process, and gel nail polishes of various manufacturers are not always compatible.

Does Extra Shine Top Coat or Rubber Top Coat have a sticky residue?

No. These top coats do not form the sticky layer. You will not have to buy additional materials for cleaning the sticky residue.

Does the Extra Shine Top coat or Rubber Top coat provide UV protection?

Yes! Top coat has a very good UV protection. Therefore gel polish does not turn yellow in the solarium, and does not fade in the sun. Perfectly ultra bright shine stays for a long time.

How long does Luxe Gel Professional nail polish stays on nails?

If you completely comply with all the application instructions of Luxe Gel Professional products, the manufacturer gives 3 to 5 weeks' guarantee of great colour and shine, without splitting and peeling off. Of course, there are many factors affecting durability and resistance of the gel polish - the condition of nails and the external environment.

Can I use Extra Shine Top Coat as the top coat for building gels and gel polishes of other manufacturers?

Yes! Extra Shine Top coat is compatible with building gels and gel polishes of other brands. But Luxe Gel Professional can not guarantee 100% compatibility of these products. The manufacturer can guarantee the perfect quality and compatibility only for their products with each other.

Can I use the base coat 2in1 as the base for building gels and gel polishes of other manufacturers?

Yes! Base coat 2in1 has an added primer. This base coat creates a very good bond between the natural nail and the gel.

How to dehydrate the nails before the gel application?

We recommend dehydrate the nails only with pure acetone.

How many layers of Luxe Gel Professional gel polish do I need to apply?

Our gel polish is highly pigmented. You can achieve a full coverage with only one layer, but we recommend to apply two layers.