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Selecting gel polish base coat and top coat

Application of gel polishes requires specific guidelines to be followed. In order for the coating to be distributed evenly and last long, a high-quality base coat and top coat must be used, dried with a special lamp. In our catalogue you will be able to select a good top coat and base coat for gel polish

What is a top coat

Top coat - a finishing coating that improves the appearance of the decorative layer, protecting it against scratching and abrasion. Without applying a top coat, the beautiful manicure will quickly lose its appearance. 

In most cases, transparent finishing coats are used, giving the nails glossy shine. However, there are also matted top coats, top coats containing glitter, holographic top coats, glow-in-the-dark top coats, and cat-eye effect top coats. 

Gel polish top coats are durable and elastic. This allows for the coating to protect the decorative layer against scratching and does not when bent. Select a base coat, top coat and gel polish produced by the same company. This will guarantee compatibility of the components and even distribution of the coating. 

Luxe Gel Professional top coat

In our catalogue you will find high-quality finishing coats that will make your manicure outstanding. The use of these coats will ensure sufficient protection for the nail plates, plenty of adhesion for the decorative layer and protection of the surface against chipping and scratching. 

Extra Shine Top Coat
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Rubber Top Coat
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Velvet Rubber Top Coat
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